(most valuable patients)

I have good news for you…I’m going to have to fire you as a patient.” Dr. Chaudhry, MD told a 74-year-old woman.

Your heart is healthy again. You don’t need me anymore”, said Dr. Chaudhry.

I’m OK with you firing me,” she said with a smile. “I may not be your patient anymore, but you’ll always be my friend.”  She then said, ”I want to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, do you want to go?”.

Before leaving his office, she hugged Dr. C and whispered, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Scenes like this happen in our offices every day, and these moments are why we do what we do. It is also why everyday, we try to be even better tomorrow.

Written Testimonials

We have thousands of success stories of heart surgery patients who we’ve helped since Valley Cardiac Surgery opened in 1993. Please read what our patients say;

Your Gifted Hands

“Thank you for sharing your gifted hands with our loved one.  May God continue to bless you and your skills.” – Entire Family.

A Great Surgeon

“I was your heart patient, and I am compelled to write and let you know that everything my brother said is true and noteworthy.  He was also a heart patient of yours.  He told me that you are a great surgeon and a very nice guy.  Your straightforward and honest personality made my surgery much easier to deal with.  My hat is off to you and your staff, and I appreciate you all showing me 100% professionalism when taking care of me.  Thank you for saving my life”. – J. C.

Radiate Positive Energy, Compassion, and Confidence

“We are thankful for your skill as a cardiac surgeon.  Your evaluation and determination to discontinue the coumadin was correct.  You radiate positive energy, compassion, and confidence.  These are rare qualities to find in one personality.  Warmest Regards.” – D. & P. B.

Performed a Miracle

“It has been 8 months since you opened my chest and skillfully performed a miracle.  I am healthy, active, walking 45 minutes a day and occasionally visiting In and Out thanks to you.  April 20 is my 89th birthday, so its time to send this card.  This faithfully deserves your request.” – A. W.

I am Alive and Most Grateful

“Thank you for changing my life. The surgery changed my outlook and I am alive and most grateful to everyone in your office. Today I live an active life and feel better than I have in years. Walking is my new main exercise and I am able to work full time once again.  I am able to take mountain hikes and beach walks without shortness of breath or rapid heartbeats. You are indeed special people with caring hearts.” – C.C.

More Time to Be With My Loved Ones

“I would like to thank you because you did an excellent job and have gave me more time to be with my loved ones. So hi and thanks again. I am 49 years old now thanks to you.” – R.A.

So Thankful

“We are so thankful you came into our lives. Your care is so appreciated. We just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. You were there with a helping hand just when Paul needed it most. You were ready to pitch in and do whatever you could.  You gave us something very special – your time, and we will always remember you for it.” – Mr. and Mrs. T.

Thank You So Much

“Thank you so much for helping save my husband’s life. We are so grateful to you and your staff for your kindness and knowledge in what you do.” – Mr. and Mrs. C.

A Successful Surgery

“Just a note for you to express our appreciation for performing a successful surgery on my dad.  We also appreciate the attention and care you provided our family.” – The C. Family.

Extra Quality Time

“June 28th was the 2nd anniversary of my heart surgery. My health is good. I live a very active life walking 2 miles a day, doing yoga, gardening and enjoying my grandson. Thank you, thank you for this extra quality time is due to your skill.  Thinking of you often, pray for you always.” – J.K.

My Life-Long Hero

“It must be satisfying knowing you are great at what you do. You’re a great surgeon and my life-long hero.” – J.C.

Fresno’s Best

“Thank you again for helping my aunt during her illness. You are a great surgeon and a wonderful person. Your thoughtfulness to the family was above and beyond.  You are Fresno’s best!” – J.H.

I will Always Remember

“I will always remember you for your concern and loving care you gave to me. God Bless.” – N.B.

Still Going Strong

“Thank you! Still going strong.” – B.P.

New Life

“I was born August 27, 1948 and reborn when I accepted Christ. Thanks to you and everyone involved with my surgery, I have been given new life again. There really isn’t any word to describe how much I appreciate what you have done for me.” – C.C.

Saved One More Life

“Top of my heart and from the bottom of my heart, I am greatly appreciative you saved one more life! Thank you and God Bless. You are doing a great job.” – Mr. C.

Commend You for Your Honesty and Concern

“On December 6th, I was scheduled with you for surgery to repair or replace a mitral valve. I was taken into surgery, medicated and asleep when you reconsidered and informed my husband that you felt my pacemaker and medication would suffice at the present time. We both want to commend you for your honesty and concern.  You are a credit to your profession, and we want you to know how grateful we are for having someone with your expertise available to us. I have written a letter to the senior administration and extolled your virtues to him, also. Please stay well and available – I may still need you. Thank you and my sincere appreciation.” – E.G.

So Much More Than a Repaired Heart

“I can say a lot here but it all comes down to thank you. Two simple words that don’t seem like much on their own, but they come from the bottom of my pump.  I don’t just thank you for being the surgeon that repaired my heart, because to me, you’re more than that. And, when I went to the hospital, I felt like I had a friend in the OR with me. You were always honest, and spoke freely, and as such, I trusted you completely, and I thank you for that. When I returned to the hospital, you were there to put me at ease and make me and my wife laugh and get me out of there. I really thank you for that. You gave me so much more than a repaired heart.  We may not be patient and doctor anymore, but I will never forget you and I’ll always consider you my friend. Thank you one more time.” – D.N.

Saved My Life

“On November 6, 2007 you saved my life and allowed me to re-enter society. By not stopping my heart during the quadruple bypass operation, you allowed me to heal rapidly that by December 5, I returned to my volunteer job with SCOPE (Mariposa County Sheriff’s Community Organized Policing Effort), the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue 4×4 unit and the Mariposa County History Center. Since my operation, I have patrolled for over 500 hours in the rural sections of Mariposa County in a marked Sheriff’s patrol vehicle. The Sheriff and local residents say that my 12 hour shifts have been responsible for a marked drop in rural crimes in my patrol area. These people really need to thank you for giving me back my stamina. I volunteered to work SCOPE security at the Mariposa County Fair. I directed the operation for 16 hours on Saturday and worked 4 hour shifts on the remaining days. I worked 16 hour shifts each day for Search and Rescue during the Oliver fire in the Ponderosa Basin. We made pre-evacuation notifications to all residents, evacuated residents and maintained security in the evacuated area.  I worked 16 hour shifts for SCOPE during the Telegraph fire. I did pre-evacuation notifications and dispatched Sheriff’s personnel to escort authorized evacuees back to their properties to allow them to retrieve medications, animals, etc. I participated in several successful all night Search and Rescue operations in the mountainous portions of Mariposa County. At the Mariposa History Center and Museum, I run and maintain the 1850″s Stamp Mill (the only 5 stamp mill open to the public west of the Mississippi).  Hundreds of school kids and tourists have been treated to the roar of 1,000 pound stamps falling 100 times a minute to crush quartz rock into a fine powder for the extraction of gold.  I also assist with the gold panning demonstrations. On the week of my 70th birthday I did remain home to split and stack 4 cords of firewood. Without your skills and extreme self-confidence, none of this would have been possible. I and the citizens of Mariposa County wish to thank you on my birthday.” – E.D.

Truly Blessed

“The first thing I wish to say as I begin this letter is to thank you for the wonderful surgery you performed on me on July 1, 2009. When I was released from the hospital I was sent to a rehabilitation facility. I have been home recovering since about July 20, 2009. Due to your skills as a surgeon I have had very little pain from the bypass procedure you performed on my heart. Of course I have some soreness in the area of my incision but nothing I would call pain. I have had visits from Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists here in my home. They have helped me continue my recovery. My cardiologist and my primary care physician are all very pleased with my progress. I believe they greatly admire your surgical techniques based upon their comments to me during my visits to their offices. I feel truly blessed to have had you as my cardiac surgeon for this surgery. Thank you again for the wonderful service that you provided to me for this procedure.” – R.P.

Video Testimonials

We’ve thousands of success stories of heart surgery patients who we’ve helped since Valley Cardiac Surgery opened in 1993. Listen to what our patients had to say;